Store policies


Payment methods accepted

We accept MasterCard, Visa, money orders, cheques, and cash. If you want to pay by Mastercard or Visa, the honchos in charge of those companies want you to call us directly to pass along the appropriate information.  Once upon a time buyers were quite happy to send that information in a couple or three e-mails, but the people in charge of the billions-of-dollars-profitable plastic empires frown on that now, and will give us serious grief if we even suggest it.  So we won't.  (We still send our own information in two or three e-mails, just because we hate the morally scofulous telling us what to do.  But hey, that's just us.)  Credit card payments will be processed in the Canadian funds equivalent of the U.S. amount at the time of processing.

Payment with order. Books offered subject to prior sale. All prices in U.S. funds. Canadian orders subject to GST.


Books returnable within ten days of receipt if received in same condition as sent (please notify us by e-mail before returning the book). If there was an error in describing the book, a full refund (including postage) will be issued. If you have changed your mind, or the return is for some reason other than condition, only the price of the book will be refunded.

Shipping rates

Postage is charged at whatever Canada Post charges us, but there are so many postage rates for different weights and sizes for packages sent to different parts of Canada and the rest of the world that it's virtually impossible to have the correct rate appear on the order form for each specific book, or orders with multiple books.  So when the postage rates for multiple titles show up on the order form, they will often be too high.  Ignore them, because we will make the adjustment when we process the order.  You will not be charged more than the actual cost of postage.